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Nov 27, 2020

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine


Google Cloud Machine learning May be hot topic in these days and Google has been one of the most important newsmakers. But recently Google as Updated AlphaGo program beat.

However Google’s machine learning is getting used daily by a lot of people. once you Search  for a picture on the online or use Google Translate on foreign language text or use voice dictation on your Mobile, you’re exploitation machine learning.

Currently Google has launched Cloud Machine Learning Engine to offer its customers the facility to learn their own neural networks. It will offers a walkthrough of the various stuff you can do with cc Engine, however it says that you just should have already got experienced with machine learning and Tensor Flow first. Those are 2 terribly advanced subjects, that commonly take an extended time to learn, but I’m reaching to provide you with enough of an summary that you’ll be ready to train and deploy machine learning models using cc Engine.

This may be a active course wherever you’ll follow in conjunction with the demos using your own Google Cloud account or a trial account.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe however an artificial neural network functions.
  • Run an easy Tensor Flow program.
  • Train a model employing a distributed cluster on Cloud metric capacity unit Engine.
  • Increase prediction accuracy exploitation feature engineering and each wide and deep networks.
  • Deploy a trained model on Cloud cc Engine to create predictions with new data.


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